No Cook Meals You will Love


Some seasons of the year when it is very hot and humid and the soaring temperature demands no-cook meals to escape the heat.  But this is also true that we cannot do with a big salad night after night to replace the meals. In such circumstances, we wish to have a plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits that require no or very little time to cook and prepare the meal. These are accordingly some low-calorie menu offer that can help you remain cool and content.

Chilled soup is a fantastic option, which can have fruit or vegetables. One of the light meals comprises of a chilled creamy peach soup. It can be prepared by blending fruit chunks with some orange juice and low-fat yogurt. You can sprinkle little honey and serve with crispy bread.

Dressed up pasta is a meal that can be served in few minutes.  It can be prepared by adding a small portion of pasta salad with sliced fresh summer vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, radish bell peppers, chives and red onion. It can also be flaked with some canned salmon.

Stuffed fruits and vegetables can be a next good option. It can be made by stuffing fruits and vegetables with protein rich ingredients to make them healthier as well as tasty.  You can stuff in half of cantaloupe with yogurt and other half with almonds and raisins. You can also blend cottage cheese with minced scallions and other vegetables of your choice. This can be stuffed into a bell pepper or tomato or any other hollowed vegetable you desire.  A low-carbohydrate wrap can be prepared.  For this, take lettuce leaves and you can top them with a crispy mix of celery, peas, cilantro, chopped peanuts water chestnuts, scallion and baked savory tofu. Now roll up and it is ready to eat.