Natural Weight Loss with Green Tea and Hoodia


greenteacup In today’s world, people are looking at quick fixes for their weight problems. They try to combine their diet plan and exercise plan with supplements that can hasten weight loss. Among the chief supplements recommended today are green tea and Hoodia.

These 2 can be used independent of each other. But when combined in a diet, they produce superior results. Here is a run down of the benefits of each of them and their properties
Hoodia is a plant extract from the plant Hoodia gordonii.

It is a native of the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. It is considered a natural source and supplement to aid weight loss. It works by suppressing appetite and by transmitting signals to the brain that the body is full.

This property helps to prevent over eating and is known to cut caloric consumption by almost 1000 calories. Its properties are used by tribesmen in times of war and famine and when away on long expeditions.

It is a hunger suppressor and therefore finds its use in weight loss. It has made strong inroads in the west and is a very popular weight loss supplement despite its high costs. Care should be taken to procure genuine product and not the fake product that swamps the markets these days.

Green tea is also recommended for weight loss, given its properties. It is also a natural product obtained from the tea bushes. It is known to boost metabolism.

It also helps to oxidize fat and burn calories. As the body is able to burn more calories, naturally weight loss occurs. It has powerful antioxidants that delay aging and prevent diseases.

It helps to regulate blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol levels in the body. There by providing all round health benefits. It is rich in polyphenols that help with all these benefits.

Given the above properties of Hoodia and green tea, it is evident that the two of these when added to a diet and fitness program produce superior weight loss that is both healthy and quick. Given the fact that the two are natural products, the appeal is far more significant.