Natural Remedies Migraine Headache

A headache is a pain or discomfort in the head. Migraine headaches can be the debilitating. They are most severe headache that a person can have. Migraine starts with less sentivity. Sometimes it accompanied with vomiting or nausea.
Severe headache will begin shortly after vomiting started. The reasons for a migraine headache are mainly vascular. That means that certain changes in the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain trigger of the pain. Of course, the causes for the changes in the blood vessels may vary from person to person but this is generally how it starts.

Migraine is a common headache syndrome. A survey says it affects 10-15% of people of the total population of the world. It usually starts in childhood and most common in the adults and middle aged persons. Migraine headaches cause weakness in the body. Migraine results from light sensitivity and allergy due to dust.

As aspirin tablet provides some ease to the patient. Some of the natural remedies of migraine headache are mentioned below that can provide help without causing side affect:

• If you are attacked with migraine you can do one thing that take a caffeine beverage at the time of attack. Caffeine help in opening constricted blood vessels.

• Drink water at the time of migraine headache. Small hydration can spoil the migraine affect.

• You can take a hot bath, whenever you get any of the symptoms of migraine headache with you. During the bath put a cool compress on your head.

• Sit in dark room to ease light or noise sensitivity.

• An effective face massage eases the pain and stimulates the blood circulation.

• Warm feet soak also helps increase blood circulation and prevent nausea.

• You can take a cup of hot tea or coffee as it will help to get relief.

• Herbal remedies can also proved helpful in get rid of migraine headache. You can use dried herbs at that time.

• Feverfewis a natural herb known to release mood hormones in the brain that is of great help. It is best to use fresh feverfew for effective results. Even doctors also suggested taking it whenever you attacked with migraine headache.

Headache and migraine is a condition when you don’t like even a pin dropped near to you.

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  • Excellent post on natural treatments for migraines. Migraines affect women more than men. Although natural treatments are one of the safest way to cure migraines unlike other medications and treatments that have complications and side effects. However, before you try any treatments, you should discuss it first with your doctor.