7 Natural Paresthesia Treatments

Paresthesia Treatments

Paresthesia Treatments

Among the innumerable health conditions and crises, there are many that are quite common and well-known among people and they are quite aware about the symptoms, causes and treatments of the same. Yet again, there is a category of health illnesses which are rare and not everyone experiences them in their lifetime.

Now where the latter is concerned, since it is not prevalent you will actually need to work hard in knowing what the problem is all about, the main causes, signs as well as the treatments both medicinal and natural. While talking about this form of health issues, one of the many that we can talk about is Paresthesia. If we try to define this medical term in easy and simple words it is actually a tickling and tingling sensation that you might feel on your skin and has no other physical effects.

The sensation here can also be a burning or a form of numbness and vary from individual to individual.A lot of people also experience a prickling feel when they suffer from paresthesia. Once the problem has been detected, you really need to broaden your knowledge about not only the causes and signs but also the natural treatments that you can work on alongside the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

This will trigger the recovery procedure for you. This is definitely an abnormal sensation that you go through and can be a reason for high levels of discomfort. Natural treatments are ideal substitutes if you are looking for an overall package of safety, affordability as well as effectiveness. They might be a little slow and gradual but then their outcomes are permanent on the body.

You need to remember that sticking to well-researched and reviewed remedies will only give you the desired result.Here this health guide is for all those people who are going through the condition called Paresthesia. It has very well defined and short listed natural treatments and you can pick according to your comfort and priorities. A combination of two can also be taken into consideration. Check them out now

7 Ways To Treat Paresthesia Naturally

Importance Of Vitamin B1

One of the best ways to actually get freedom from paresthesia is to adhere to high levels of vitamin B 1 and food sources rich in the same. Also known as thiamine, this is one nutrient whose deficiency can very well lead to the feeling of numbness or pricking that paresthesia calls for.

There are a lot of food sources that can provide you with the necessary amounts of vitamin B 1. Some of the top notch examples of food include millets, wheat germ, peanuts, yeast, wheat bran, soy, Brazil nuts, oatmeal, walnuts, almonds, cashews, lima beans and haricot beans.

Vitamin B1

Supplements can also be taken for the same which are completely safe on the body and will fulfill your requirement in about 1-2 capsules each day. Consult a professional for supplement intake.

Benefits Of Vitamin B5 Foods

Yet again, there is another vitamin that can really treat the problems of paresthesia without leaving behind any traces of adverse effects on the body. Vitamin B 5 rich foods are something that will help you in the best possible manner. It is also known as pantothenic acid and is easily found in mushrooms, yeast, soy, peanuts, broccoli, oatmeal, whole wheat, hazelnuts and more.

Vitamin B5 Foods

Include Vitamin B12 In The Diet

For proper nerve function and to get rid of the discomforting signs of paresthesia it is always a good idea that you have vitamin B 12 rich foods as well. Whether it is the burning sensation or tickling one, these foods will help you in the safest possible way to cure the problem. Cheese, oysters, sardines, tuna, eggs, beef and salmon are some good choices that you can make in this regard.

Vitamin B12 In The Diet

Wonders Of Inositol Rich Foods

There are many other foods that have a good amount of inositol in them that can treat the paresthesia without much effort. All you need to do is include the foods in your daily diet. A combination of one or more of them can actually trigger the treatment process for you and get you some relief.

Whole Grains

Along with treating paresthesia, the dual benefits that you get with this nutrient is the treatment of diabetes, panic attacks and depression which also helps somewhere in curing the main problem that you are aiming at. Some of the foods here include whole grains and legumes. For more, supplements can be taken after consulting with a professional only who will also guide you towards the right dosage.

There are not many food options naturally where this nutrient is concerned.


For those suffering from skin paresthesia and the subtle forms of the crisis, it is best that they visit a homeopathic doctor and get homeopathy medicines for the problem. This might be a slow and gradual process but then it is really effective as well as treats the condition from roots. There is hardly any disease or illnesses that homeopathy cant cure. You can be assured of the safety as well as reasonability.

Homeopathy Medicine


A Chinese form of remedy, acupuncture and acupressure is the method of pressurizing certain points in the body which leads to the treatment. Also, it is completely safe and effective on the body and can be used for uncountable health problems. It is suggested that you hire a professional for the purpose that can actually help you in the best possible way and get far better outcomes.


Proper Movements

The pin and needle feeling can a lot of times be cures by vigorous movements of the affected area. This is one of the easiest ways to stick to but then it helps only in the simple forms of paresthesia and not the serious or chronic ones. Once the pressure on the nerve is relieved by proper movements you see the illness being treated. However, this remedy is not suggested for paresthesia which exists from a prolonged period of time.

Proper Movements

These are the best you can do for paresthesia where natural and home remedies are concerned.