Natural Nail Care

Nail is made of hard protein called keratin. A protein is one of the building blocks which makeup the body. If you take good care of your nails it will save ends of your fingers and toes from trauma and also helpful to pick up small objects.
Excessive hand wash and use of cleaning solutions can take off the moisture and oil from nails that result in peeling and splitting of nails. Maintaining natural nails is not as much difficult as it seems. As with hair, nails are usually with heal theist in its natural state. It requires a bit of nail polish for protection and natural creams that supplies moisture to the nails. The health of your nails begins with using natural nail care products. It is healthy nail root that grow healthy nail.

It is very important to have healthy nails. Your nails and its color is an indicator of your health. These are called dead cells but it doesn’t mean that it does not need any special care. Here are few tips that will help you to take good care of your nails and make it beautiful.

Tips of natural nail care

You can add shine to your nails by massaging it with coconut oil or warm castor regularly.
Don’t use to put nail polish regularly on your nails try to give two days or one day a week for the sake of breathing of nails,
Healthy nail is pink in color which indicates the blood level in the body.
Try to apply thin coats of polish on the nails as it will stay longer also it will helpful for breathing of nails.
Never clip to shorten the nails always prefer using emery board to file the nails and put them down to size.
Try to break the habit of nail biting – it is very destructive to both the nail and the cuticle and can lead to infections that can actually deform the nail.
Never try to peel or scrap off nail polish or use any metal instrument for peeling nail polish as it may harm the upper protective layer of nails.
Take precaution while cutting the nails. You should not cut the cuticles as a whole.
Vitamin B5 is essential for the growth of nails, so taking food rich in Vitamins will give way to healthy nails.

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