Natural Diabetic Foot Pain Treatment

Natural Diabetic Foot Pain Treatment

Diabetes is one of the frequent occurring and prevalent health illnesses that are faced by most of the people around the globe. According to researches, diabetes is experienced by at least 7 out of every 10 people and is supposed to be one of the top common health crises. Yet again, not only is it important to detect the health condition that you may be undergoing but also the causes, signs and symptoms and treatments for the issue.

Natural Diabetic Foot Pain Treatment


Only a well aware person will be able to prevent the symptoms and sober down the discomfort by sticking to some effective tips and treatments. If you are someone who is suffering from diabetes, then it is high time you know that there are various other health problems that come along with this deadly disease.

Diabetes has a lot of effects on the muscular strength of the person and gradually leads to muscle loss and weakness. Along with frozen shoulder as one of the side effects of diabetes, you can also experience regular foot pain. The foot pain experienced in diabetes is medically termed as Diabetic Foot Pain. One of the major reasons why this happen, is the low level of blood circulation in the area.

This can not only cause pain and discomfort in the foot but also lead to infections. However, doctor consultation is definitely important in this regard, but you can also adhere to some natural and home remedies and treatments that will trigger the process of cure and help you slowly slide the problem at bay. It is equally important for you to put in some efforts from your side when it comes to curing diabetic foot pain.

Looking for well-researched and effectual ideas and remedies is the first step you can take in this regard. Once you get a guide that lists down all the natural treatments for the same, you can easily make your pick and short list the remedies that you would like to use on a daily basis. The former has been done for you here with this guide-

How To Treat Diabetic Foot Pain Naturally

Maintain Hygiene

It is very important that you continue caring for your feet in a gentle way even if you are suffering from pains. Make sure you give them a warm water soak everyday, pat them with a dry and clean towel and apply a good moisturizer to avoid cracks that might increase the pain.

Treat Diabetic Foot Pain Naturally

Keep the foot skin away from dryness and flakiness as well as all the other problems. The toenails should also be kept clean and trimmed. Give the feet no reason to accumulate bacteria and cause infection and further pain.

The Right Footwear is Important

It is equally important to choose comfortable footwear that can help you ease out the pain rather than aggravate it. High heels and pointed toes are some of the shoe styles that can be completely avoided if you are suffering from diabetic foot pain. The shoes should be removed from time to time to give the feet some space and release muscle tension. Along with this, tight socks should be completely avoided.

Seasonally, you need to take care of the fact that the feet is not adversely affected by the extreme weathers like in the winter season, you need to safeguard it from the dry and chilly weather that can increase the pain and discomfort to quite an extent.

Massaging Really Helps

One of the main causes for diabetic foot pain is the low levels of blood circulation in the area. Massaging the foot gently will help in bringing back the lost blood flow and thus get you instant relief from pains. If followed on a daily basis, this can prove to be a really effective natural treatment for foot pains in diabetes.

Treat Diabetic Foot Pain

It is also a safe way to go about treating the problem. You can use a good massage oil for the purpose and also hire a massager or else get a home foot massaging machine for fulfilling the purpose successfully. Massages will also reduce the strain on the muscles and help you in achieving your aims.

Use Diabetic Foot Creams

These are totally safe when we talk about the health of the person and regular use helps in curing the numbness and pain that you are going through. These should however be applied on the foot once you have cleaned and dried them. It is also recommended that you follow all the instructions that are mentioned on the package for maximum advantage. If these are applied on a daily basis, you can really overcome the problem and get the overall good health of the foot that you always dreamt of.

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A Warm Water Soak

Soaking the feet in warm water will not only help in bringing down the feelings of pain but also ease out the pressure on the muscles, improve the blood flow and ensure proper and smooth movements. You can have some chamomile leaves or oil in the soak for far better results as it helps in healing pain.

For maximum benefits try and make soak from famous home products like chamomile, rosemary, apple cider vinegar and water and then soak the feet for about 20-25 minutes each day. This will start giving you visible outcomes in just a couple of weeks. Pain is something that they instantly soothe you with.


One of the Chinese home and natural remedies which is quite famous in curing most of the health crises can also cure diabetic foot pain if you adhere to it on a regular note.

Diabetic Foot Pain

Acupuncture can be taken as one of the best ways in treating the problem by pressurizing on specific points in the body and the foot. This helps in release of the pain considerably. However, it is suggested that you hire a professional for the purpose.


Homeopathic medicines are totally safe and that makes them an essential part of natural remedies and treatments. You can visit a homeopathic doctor and get the right medicine and dosage for diabetic foot pain. If you take them daily without fail, visible outcomes can be seen in about a month or so.

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