Nail Care


There are many cautions and methods of nail care and damage prevention. We can also pamper our nails by using various cosmetics manufactured specifically for nail care.
In case the nails are deformed, brittle or do not grow then we can consult a dermatologist. Most of the nail problems are temporary and disappear as the new nail grows. The look of the nails can be enhanced significantly by the use of cosmetics. Nail enamel can hide a number of nail defects. A split nail can be repaired applying nail-mending fluids. When the fluid dries the nail can have enhanced look with the nail enamel.

Brittle nails and flaking of nails are the most common complaints. It is due to the dryness of the nail plate. The nail plate formed by dead keratin cells is bonded together by the adhesive of fats and water. The lack of fat and water leads to the brittleness of the nails.
The domestic chores lead to the loss of water and fats from the nails, which can be prevented by wearing gloves while working.

Nail polish remover use should be minimized as it has a dehydrating effect on the nail. A Regular massage of skin around the nail with a moisturizing cream can strengthen the nails.

The nail folds and the cuticle get stuck to the nail plate hindering the nail to breathe. These are also termed as hang nails. Nail biting, chewing, and picking cuticle results in the formation of hangnails. The cuticles should be massaged with creams to retain softness. It should be regularly loosened   from the nail-plate to improve growth. .

Hangnails should be clipped off. Toenails should be properly trimmed as it can penetrate inside folds causing swelling pain and redness. Never cut your nail too short.
Nails get thickened and discolored due to fungal infections. It can be simply treated but always consult a doctor.

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  • Nails are an essential part of hands and should be care on a daily basis. Our nails are designed to protect the fleshy fingertip and help us manipulate small objects. we do not need a lot of time, products or money to have georgeious nails. Just keep them healthy and they will look fantastic. ensure that nails are clean and dry, free of any oil or lotion, before applying polish remove any old polish from nails.

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