Muscle Pull


Muscle pull is one of the most common problems which a person faces during his life time. It is such a problem which can occur during the normal daily activities due to undue pressure on the muscles. Sometimes it is the outcome of quick heavy lifting. There are cases in which this problem occurs even while performing routine work tasks. One of the most common situation in which this problem confronts is during sports.

Whatever be the reason of this problem, proper treatment is very essential because it is such a problem which can interrupt the normal daily activities. Due to damage to a muscle or its attaching tendons small blood vessels get damaged which results in pain and in the extreme cases bleeding also. Therefore, a muscle pull or muscle strain should be treated as soon as possible.


This problem should be treated very delicately as a single mistake can land you in a major problem. The muscle pull is treated according to the severity of muscle rupture. In a mild case the strain is less than five percent of the muscle and it accompanies mild pain.

The second degree tear is a great rupture that stops short of a complete tear. In an extreme case, rupture is a complete tear across the width of the muscle. This is the most severe which involves lot of internal bleeding. This case may even require a surgery. One of the most common treatments to this problem is rest.

The duration of rest is analyzed according to the severity of the problem. Applying ice can also be beneficial. For best results ice should be applied as soon as possible. It helps to reduce pain, swelling as well as bleeding. It also helps to relax the muscles and helps relives any spasm. Doctors also prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines in order to get rid of swelling and pain. But one should take proper precautions before taking such medicines as they involve various side effects.


Muscle pull can get you in a real trouble which can also involve missing anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks of activity therefore it is better to take proper preventive measures to avoid this horrifying situation. If you jump into the sports with stiff muscles then you are at a higher risk of muscle strain. Therefore, it is better to follow a warm up routine prior to the athletic competition or sports.

The warm up should last for 5-10 minutes. It increases the blood flow to the muscles which in turn improves the muscle functioning. In addition to this it helps to loosen the muscle which ultimately helps to prevent the injury.

After warm up it is advisable to gently stretch all the major muscle groups. Remember that the muscles that are stronger and more flexible are less likely to be injured. Also the muscles that are fatigued are more susceptible to strain injuries.

After 45 minutes of exercise the energy stores in the muscles are depleted therefore, it is must to hydrate with a sports drink after 30 – 45 minutes in order to replenish muscle fuel. To prevent future injury a post cool down exercise routine should be followed positively.

This will help to normalize the muscle temperature and help to maintain flexibility of the muscles. Keep in mind those keeping muscles warm and avoiding fatigue is very good preventive measure to a keep the muscle healthy.

Taking this problem seriously is the first and foremost thing step towards a healthy and fit body. So start following these preventive measures. Don’t ignore if your muscles are strained as it can really affect your normal routine. Follow proper treatment guidelines to get rid of it.

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