Muscle Building Workout for You


musclesbuildworkout It takes both time and dedication to build your muscles and by using the correct techniques and diet. It takes an equal mixture of exercise and nutrition to get the defined and toned body that you want.

You need to start eating high protein meals and eating them often throughout the day.

To build muscles.

The exercise routine that you are doing must make your muscles feel fatigued and tired on the last repetition. You can also do stretches before and after the workout to help prepare yourself and make the blood flow.

It will also aid the body to remove and clear lactic acids that can build up within your muscles and in turn will make you ache less after the workout.

To build muscles it is recommended that you workout for 5 consecutive days and then take 2 days off to rest.

Day One

Work on your chest muscles by doing exercises such as flat bench presses, incline dumbbell press, and incline dumbbell flys, decline dumbbell press, cable crossovers, lower chest cable raises, and dips.

Day Two

Work on your back muscles by doing exercises such as pull-ups, seated bent barbell, and single arm dumbbell rows and also including hyperextensions and lat pull downs.

Day Three

Work on your legs by doing squats, leg presses, lunges, dead lifts, seated and standing calf raises, and seated leg curls.

Day Four

Work on your shoulders, biceps, and then your triceps. For your triceps do dips, seated extensions, and press downs. For your biceps do dumbbell, preacher, and hammer curls. Then finally for your shoulders do front raises and shoulder presses with dumbbells, lateral raises, and upright rows.

Day Five

Work on your abdominal muscles by doing bicycle crunches, hanging leg raises, medicine ball sit ups, and ab crunches on the machine

Day Six and Seven

Have a rest!

Additional Information

When you are exercising try to do 3 sets of each exercise. This means that you need to do 10 repetitions, 8 repetitions, and then 6 repetitions of each.

Lift heavier weights as you complete the sets till you can hardly complete the last repetition of the very last set.