Milk free diet


Milk is one of the most important diets for everyone. However, that does not mean that it could be consumed without any side effects. This is because sometimes, people may be allergic to milk and milk products. Experts say that generally children become allergic to milk.

Who all are allergic to Milk?

Nutrition experts opine that children below the age of 4 years could be allergic to milk. In case there is deficiency of mother’s milk, milk substitutes based on Hydrolysate can be used in the early age, which are considerably much less allergic.

At the same time, in case child is allergic to cow’s milk, nutrition experts suggest use of Soy Milk. Normally, allergic tendencies tend to diminish as the child grows.

One of the allergen items in milk is Lactose. Some children develop allergy to Lactose and this is called ‘Lactose Intolerance’. This intolerance could be caused by bacteria present in the milk. This may manifest itself in a disease called Celiakia, allergy of the Alimentary Canal, lack of digestion, stomach ache, diarrhea etc.

Depending on the severity of the allergy, the doctors advise the parents to give milk that is free of Lactose. In case of children in the age group of 5 years and above, Yoghurt could also be given instead of milk.

Lactose intolerance in adults:

Normally, adults are generally not allergic to milk or milk products. However, as described earlier, adults are also prone to develop Lactose intolerance. Experts are of the opinion that those who do not take milk in their early years are likely to develop Lactose intolerance in their adulthood because in the later stages, the body is unable to produce enough Lactose.

Normally in such cases, the doctors would advise diet or some other form of milk, which is free from Lactose. When Lactose free food is taken, diet should be supplemented with products rich in Vitamin ‘C’ like fresh green vegetables, sardines etc.

As the child grows:

As he grows, solid foods that are rich in vitamins should be given in phases. Chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, butter should be given to the child.

Recommended diet:

Brown bread with poultry meat or corn flakes with Cucumber and tea is recommended for breakfast. The lunch should include Yogurt or whole meal with Cheese and Margarine. Dinner should include Fish, Spinach, Grapefruit juice or vegetable juice. Afternoon snack Curdled milk and Supper Brown Rye bread, string beans or Chicken with vegetables and fresh juice.

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