Milk For Your Children


The most innocent being is children. They look so cheerful and so angelic, they create joyous atmosphere when they are healthy.

Your baby can grow healthy only when you give good and nutritious foods for their growth. Children should be given a time table to maintain and give their food at proper time never ever allow them to laps with the meal.

Give them a glass of milk in the morning and before going to bed. Milk is rich in calcium. Children need adequate amount of minerals and vitamins that will help in the healthy growth

It is a must for them to have milk because this will boost their mental activity and will enhance their I.Q. level as well. The over all growth of children largely depends on how you feed them.  Milk is one of the components of daily foods for their growth. Milk increases the rate of growth.

Some children are very stubborn to drink milk so its mother or father’s duty to convince them to have milk. Educate the positive point of drinking milk. Milk is not only for your children even the adult should be encouraged to drink milk as it has got abundant benefits for health.
Drinking milk also improves tooth decay and children are very prone to tooth ache.

Remove the misconception of gaining weight by drinking milk. It’s an illusion, if every thing is under controlled nothing is impossible and you will not gain weight infact it is a healthy habit to drink milk. If you are very conscious about gaining weight then you have many options, there are skim milk and tone milk which is healthy yet fat free.
You can strengthen the bone since milk is very rich in calcium. Have a glass of milk everyday and keep the health ailments at bay.