The Mughals brought Mehandi (Indian name of henna) to India as lately as the 12th century AD. Mehandi body art has been practiced for centuries in the Middle East, India and in some parts of Africa. In India it is known as the one of the favorite beauty product of most of the females. Though generally mehandi is thought of as a woman’s forte, men in all the countries have practiced it as well. Mehandi is all about art of creating designs. Designs are made on the skin with the henna paste. Designs can be appeared on the different parts of the body. In the beginning Mehandi was only used by the rich and ruling families. Soon also the simple volk found pleasure in it.
Different people used mehandi for different purposes.

In 13th and 14th century Persian people use henna to decorate their hands and feet.

In Arabian countries mehandi is used, because of its cooling purposes.

Muslims used mehandi in the beginning of Islam, it is said prophet Mohamed color is hair and beard with mehandi and is still using for different purposes.

Mehandi was used to stain the fingers and toes of Pharaohs prior to mummification over 5000 years ago.

It was also used as a cosmetic and for its healing power.

In many countries Henna is used for hair dye.

It is also used as a skin conditioner.

Many physicians used it as a reliever for rashes.

In India it is considered the most important thing of the brides and grooms make-up. Mehandi is considered very important thing as it is a symbol of luck and prosperity.

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