Make Up Tips

Makeup Tips

Facial make up should be applied in steps in order to enhance the facial charm. It can also be done for the sake of hiding the flaws of skin.

The very first step is to prepare the skin by dabbing on some of good quality cleanser. Then a base of make up or foundation should be applied. Its main ingredient is silicone, which makes skin silky smooth. It also tightens the skin.

If you are not interested in foundation then go for a tinted moisturizer. It really creates the effect of a naturally flawless skin. Any kind of makeup should be applied with the best cosmetics brushes and beauty tools to enhance the features properly and cover defects in your skin. This helps in applying only the required amount while preventing any excess application.

Moisturizer or sheer foundation should be applied with a sponge. Cream or liquid cosmetic blends more nicely than powder. Apply blush to your cheeks towards the hairline to prevent makeup lines. Use mascara to separate your lashes and give them prominence and glow.

To look warm and glowing, an apricot or slightly more golden or peachy brown blush should be applied. If you are cream complexioned, use a reddish brown or peachy brown color to add warmth to your skin. In case you have ruddy skin already, do not put on blusher to have a natural look. In case of porcelain skin, use natural reddish brown to enhance the appeal. Brows should be proper in shape.

Apply and blend the eye shadow very properly. Darker shades for party make up and lighter shades for casual get up. Mascara is a must to build your lashes into deadly spikes.
A clear gloss or just a tint of reddish or rose brown lip color can be used to look natural.

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