Magical Facial Exercises

Face is always called the calling card of a person. If you have an attractive face you will be successful in putting a good impression on others most of the time. Facial exercises help you to giving a healthy look to your face. These exercises also increase the production of collagen. You can perform the following magical facial exercises anywhere rather in your bathroom, in kitchen or in garden.

Magical facial exercises:

Keep your face straight in front of a mirror. Press your teeth and spread your lips. Count ten and revert to normal pose. Do it ten times.

Join your fingers together with your thumbs folded in and place your fingers near your temples that are where your scalp meets your head. Push straight up and hold and then, raise your eyebrows, hold for six counts and release.

Twist your lips and puff up cheeks with air in them. Hold for three counts. Put fingers on each side and press slowly, without letting the air blowout. Remain in this pose for ten minutes. This is an effective exercise for cheeks and mouth.

Tap 20 times on each dot with the pads of your middle fingers. From the bridge of your nose work out along your eyebrows, then in round the top of your cheekbone. Tap up from the sides of your mouth to each inner eye. Then out from the chin along the jaw line to each ear. Make sharp, light, very quick taps as if you are testing a very hot iron.


Improve the function of immune system.
More flexibility
More able to relax
Increase charm of face
Self-esteem and self-confidence
Reduces depression
Lessen risk of stroke and heart diseases
Slower down the risk of osteoporosis in both males and females
Magical Facial Exercises can provide better results than a surgical face lift because it leaves the person looking like themselves, only younger.

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