Low impact Aerobics

There are many of the people who are unable to perform workout of high intensity. It can help to improve their health conditions without doing any hard jobs. It is simple and relief providing exercises.
Low impact aerobics those movements involving large muscle groups used in systemic and in continuous rhythmic activity in which at least one foot keeps on contact with floor all the time. It has evolved to decrease the lower leg injuries associated with high impact. This is useful for overweight, seniors and for pregnant women. It is also useful for those who never do any type of exercises and aerobics.

Low-impact aerobics, high-intensity workout is for the advanced exerciser looking for a workout that’s tough on the heart, but easy on the joints. This is a circuit-style workout, taking you through a series of cardio moves. Each cardio move should be performed for about one minute with little or no rest between exercises. Any time you’re doing low-impact exercise, adding big arm movements and going through the exercises with as much speed as you can. This will help you keep your heart rate up. You can modify the exercises according to your fitness level and avoid any exercise that hurts or doesn’t feel right.

With low-impact aerobics, more fit people may have difficulty achieving adequate intensity, therefore they are told to use larger movements. Using large arm movements in the upper body will also increase the intensity of the movements. What does this mean for you? It means that when you begin a walking program, you may walk at a slow rate and keep your hands in your pockets and still be able to get your heart rate up, however, as you become fit, you may have to increase your step length and rate and move your arms as you walk to get to the same level.

Each exercise session should start with a warm-up and gentle stretching. It should end with a cool-down. Hardwood or flooring with some cushioning is best for all aerobic activities. A floor that is too soft may cause ankle sprains. Never dance or exercise on a dirty or sticky floor for obvious reasons. It can harm you as well.

You should always choose only that apparel for exercise which provide you comfort and can relax you also.