Losing Weight at Super Speed


losing-weight-speed Many people discontinue their exercise if they either have to work hard or see no results in a short period. You get results by doing quality exercises and not quantity exercises. Nowadays life has become so hectic that people find it difficult to spare time for exercising. Fortunately, if you exercise for 15-20 minutes daily it is sufficient to gain physical fitness. You don’t have to spend long hours sweating in a gym for results.

By following the suggestions given below you could lose weight at a faster speed. If you are consistent these will enable you to save time and see visual results in a short period.

1.    Do compound exercises wherein multiple muscles are used. If you perform a squat you will be using your legs and butt muscles; doing shoulder press overhead with dumbbell will exercise some more muscles. Exercises such as triceps extensions or biceps curls are isolated exercises and hence ineffective.

2.    Concentrate on muscle groups that are large. You can burn more calories if you exercise bigger muscles such as butt, back/ lower back, thighs, abdominal etc.

3.    In order to spend more calories and less time you should increase cardiovascular workout intensity. If you are walking at present then jog; in case you are running, then sprint. Use treadmill or bike that are high intensity and reduce your exercising time to half of walking time.

4.    Give short boosts to intensity exercising periodically. In the middle of your normal exercising, exercise hard for 2 minutes. Then reduce intensity. Repeat a number of times in 20 minutes.

5.    You can practice double up exercises. Instead of resting in between, exercise an alternate muscle group. Double up biceps curls with triceps dips; similarly leg extensions with leg curls. These super-sets double the quantum of exercises in a short period.

6.    Do circuit training wherein aerobic and strength training are combined. This burns more calories and corresponding strength increases. Do strength exercise for a minute; move to another. Do aerobics after that for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this cycle.

7.    Short bursts of exercises such as crunches, push-ups, squats etc. can be squeezed in the morning e.g. before breakfast/ shower, during lunch etc.

These exercises target many parts of the body and tone them up. 30 minutes short bursts will benefit you the same as one single session of 30 minutes.

8.    Doing same exercises again and again causes boredom leading to discontinuance of the exercise. Mixing exercises will be interesting and give better results. Do different aerobics, weight training etc. to keep your interest alive all the time.