Lose Weight and Get Healthy With Low GI Recipes


low-gi-food GI recipes are usually considered just diet foods. But it is to be remembered that GI Foods are very good for health. Low GI foods are fish, low-fat dairy, lean meat, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc. These are some of the foods that we can use for the entire family as full meals; they are not only for those members who are on diets to reduce their weight.

A GI diet consists of eating only those foods that have good carbohydrates, high fiber content and are low in refined carbs. The low GI foods take longer to digest than high GI foods. A high GI content does not mean it would hurt your body, but it would be better to have a low GI to medium GI food in order to have a balanced diet to help you lose your extra weight.

Low to medium GI food not only makes us feel filled up, but it also helps to stabilize our energy and blood-sugar levels. Therefore, if you and your family start on GI foods, you would be giving a healthy routine to your family that will help them all through their lives.

Their eating patterns would improve. Even little children in developed countries are suffering from obesity these days. A few children might be obese due to genetic reasons, but most of these cases are a result of bad diet and a lack of exercise.

Therefore, having a good diet and a good exercise regime is important even for healthy people. If you, as a family, have a good exercise routine and go on eating good food, you would have a healthy lifestyle habit to give to your children. Their fitness would be secure, and you will also reduce their risks for having joint problems, depression, cancer, diabetes or heart problems.

Another fact that many people do not know is that, if you eat the GI way, you can avoid ADHD, which can be trigged by sugar in your diet. Sugar is found in high GI foods. A high GI diet makes your sugar levels shoot up, which leads to an energy burst that is temporary. Then there is a phase of hyperactivity and an immediate drop in energy. As a result, the subject cannot sleep or concentrate and becomes irritable.

However, if you eat low GI food, you get a stable energy source and good blood-sugar levels, resulting in a better and more stable emotional and concentration levels. You should start your day with a low GI breakfast so that you feel prepared for a great day at work, school or home.

In order to make your family happy with low GI food, you should involve them in the cooking. Kids can help prepare the food, which they would eventually love eating. Eat together: The family that eats together remains fit together and eats healthier meals too.

So go ahead, you can start on your low GI foods and stay healthy for the rest of your life.