Lose the body fat


Nowadays more and more people are being obsessed with their physical appearance than they were earlier. Their body figure and shape means everything to them. Following are some of the ways to check weight gain and obesity.

Monitor fat: – in a diet designed to loss weight, monitoring fat consumption is the most vital step. For some people the amount of calories is more important when on a diet. But the truth however remains that monitoring both is important. The reason being that a little fat contain a larger amount of calories than any other source of food and it will no doubt require more effort to burn it out than the effort required to burn any other component of food.

Fat, whether it is animal fat or fats from any other source, contains more than twice the amount of calories found in proteins or carbohydrates of the same amount, which makes it even more vital to monitor fat consumption.

Saturated fats:-Saturated fats are the bad source of fat as they raise the cholesterol level more than any other type of fats. They are mostly solid or semi solid in room temperature.

It is always advised to analyze the fat content on the food labels and to choose food which has the least amount of saturated fats. Meat, milk, various dairy products, bakery products are the most common source of saturated fats.
Cholesterol:-cholesterol in the blood is reduced with the intake of unsaturated fats as compared to the saturated fats. The main sources of unsaturated fats are olive and canola oils, other vegetable oils, nuts and high fat fish.

Although unsaturated fats are less harmful than the saturated fats, it is vital to limit the total fat intake. For men, the total recommended fat intake is 30% of the total caloric intake. Further if the amount is reduced to 25% of the total caloric intake, than weight lose process will be much faster than before.

Counting calories
: – counting the total amount of calories and fat intake is an easy technique and thus should be adopted quickly.
The recommended amount of fat intake for average men is 90 grams per day. So if you want to lose some weight then cut the fat intake to 75 grams per day and trim down your body fat.

Fruits and vegetables
: – most of the fruits and vegetables contain a negligible amount of fat so no worries. However, there are two fruits, the intake of which should be watched, Coconuts and Avocado.