Lose or Gain – That is the Question


Many men wonder how to go about their daily routine and be able to gain muscle and lose the fat. After all, that is the goal of what we are doing. The three most brought up questions are how to gain weight without adding the fat, why you don’t need cardiovascular to burn the fat and how can certain fats help you lose weight?

Although it may sound a little complicated at first, once you make these things a part of your daily routine it will become a habit. For the first question on how to gain muscle and not fat, you have to have the right amount of calories a day to start off with.

You want to multiply your body weight by 20 and that is the amount of calories that you should consume in a day. As for the protein, fat and carbs each day, the protein should be one gram for every pound, fat should be 30% of your total calories and all of the rest is carbs. This is achieved by eating 5 to 6 meals a day. Don’t worry, it will become habit.

As for the cardiovascular question, you do need to have that as part of your routine, but do not focus on it. This is only a small portion of your workout and your main focus should be on the actual weight training. This just adds variety to help increase your fat loss.

Last but not least, certain fats are helpful when trying to lose weight. As crazy as it may sound, fish, oil actually work with your body to make this happen. You should consume 3 to 6 grams of this daily. Milk, cheese and beef contain CLA. This also is great for helping you to lose weight.

Making these small changes in your daily routine and diet will help you to lose the fat and gain the muscle. With a little bit of training, your body and mind will become accustom to these things and they will become habit forming.