List Of Seafood Appetizers

List Of Seafood Appetizers

Appetizers are a must for any party. In fact, the party menu is incomplete without the addition of these delectable delicacies served just before the main course. One variety of appetizers that is of particular gastronomic interest consists of the seafood appetizers.

With its excellent taste and wonderful flavours, it is perfect for all those who love to gorge on these creatures from the sea. However, seafood appetizers are not for everybody. Make sure that whenever you are organizing this kind of an appetizer platter, you have an alternative for those with seafood allergy.

If you too are willing to include a few seafood appetizers in your next party menu, here is a list of seafood appetizers that you can try out.

List of Seafood Appetizers

Lobsters and Crabs

One of the most common choices for seafood appetizers consist of lobster and crab delicacies. The subtle taste and amazing flavours of lobsters and crab generally find an ardent fan base. So, you can serve lobster tails or crab claws to your guests. However, always remember to keep your seafood refrigerated and fry it only before serving.

List Of Seafood Appetizers

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Since, these foods are quite delicate and are prone to rotting, it is advisable to preserve them better. The fried lobster meat can be attached to toothpicks and served with an interesting dip or a sauce. In India, lobster pakoras, a special kind of fried snacks is prepared with this seafood and is a great appetizer for parties.

Shrimp Appetizers

If you are choosing a seafood platter for appetizers, the shrimp automatically finds its way into it. The sheer variety that can be made with shrimp makes it an easy choice for hosts. You can serve fried, grilled or baked shrimps to your guests. These can also be coupled with other items like bacons or vegetables. Even succulent fried appetizers can be prepared with a shrimp filling.

Seafood Appetizers

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The shrimp cocktail is another famous recipe that substitutes as a great appetizer. For this, you need to take slightly bigger shrimps and marinate it with salt, lemon juice and pepper before boiling it. Refrigerate the cooked shrimps and adjust it on the rims of cocktail glasses before serving. The glass must be filled with some kind of cocktail sauce. But, before using shrimp for any finger food or appetizer, make sure that you remove its shell.

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Innovative Seafood Salad

The seafood salad is one appetizer that can have numerous variations. You can pick and choose ingredients according to your taste and create something that is utterly delicious. These can be made with shrimps, crab and lobster meat.

Best Seafood Appetizers

Combine this with your choice of salad dressing and vegetables like tomatoes, chopped parsley leaves, bell peppers, cucumber and onion. Adding a bit of olive oil or red wine vinegar would enhance its taste, offering a lovely appetizer to your guests.

Raw Seafood

If you want to present raw seafood appetizers like sushi, sashimi or oysters in their shells, it is an excellent idea for parties.

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Even ceviche can be included in this list and it would certainly appeal to your guests.