Lavender is a small plant, hailing from the mint family. It bears beautiful and useful flowers. The species consists of a variety of plants such as sub-plants, annuals and herbaceous plants.

The growth is more prevalent in Mediterranean regions, which include countries such as India, Arabia, East and North Africa and Europe. These are not found as wild growth because mostly are grown in gardens. Lavandula angustifolia is the most common variety of the plant of Lavender. Yet a huge variety of cultivated plants such as L.multifida, L.stoechas and L.dentate are found in gardens. The plant has a consequent effect. The essential oil extracted from the lavender flowers solves various purposes. It is very helpful in lessening muscular pain, headaches and stress.

Lavender is a popular and well-known essential oil. It is being used in various therapies since ages. The word “Lavender” is derivative of “Lavare”, which means wash.
Essential oil extracted from lavender is of great assistance to treat wounds. Some people use lavender oil for personal bathing and massages. Lavender exhibits antibacterial, analgesic, antiseptic and antiviral properties. The calming and soothing fragrance adds to the popularity of the plant. It works as an antidepressant, tranquilizer and stimulates the nervous system. It has a balancing effect on the body and mind. It contributes greatly to our mind to relax. Lavender Oil is also good for hair. Lavender essential oil can be mixed with water and applied on to hairs and scalp. This makes the hair soft and radiant.

This lavender oil is good for individuals having tender and tight muscles. These oils are absorbed by the skin into the blood flow, and that is how it relaxes the mind and body.
Lavender steam inhalation is very comforting for flu and colds. It is also helpful in eliminating acne from the surface of the skin. Lavender Compress is very helpful in treating sprains and muscular injuries.

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