Kung Fu- Chinese Martial Art

Initially, kung fu was called ch’uan fa which means first way. Kung fu is a term that has become synonymous with Chinese martial arts. Study and training for self-defense, fitness, health, and self discipline came under this form of martial art.
Kung fu can be described in a context without any martial arts whatsoever. This is a term which is used to describe all type of martial arts. Kung fu alludes to any individual accomplishment and cultivated skills obtained by long and hard work. It exists under many names through china’s history.

The kung fu art no only entails self defense but also teaches about the mind, body and spirit. The techniques, skills and philosophies of kung fu, have been training for people over 1500 years. Some of the important benefits that are associated with kung fu martial arts are mentioned below:

Benefits of kung fu martial arts:

Physical conditioning– Whenever you perform kung fu martial arts you will realize increased strength, stronger bones, increased stamina, increased energy, better coordination, balance, weight lose, stronger joints and flexibility.

Mental benefits-If kung fu is practiced continually, it develops discipline, respect, and better listing skills, longer attention spans and also learns strategy. This results a better and disciplined person if practiced regularly. It also help to learn respect for others and good manners.

Meditation-Breathing and meditation is an important part of martial arts. By breathing you can increase your ability and through breathing and meditation, you are able to control and connect your body and mind. There is a variety of meditation positions like standing, sitting, moving and also kneeling that is associated with it. It is important that you find the position that works best for you as it will serve you the best.

Self defense
– The major goal of kung fu martial art is self defense. The moves you will learn will increase your ability to defend yourself against another person’s advance and help to deal with physical confrontation.

Behavior benefits
– Martial arts practice provides a positive outlet for stress. It also builds self-confidence and self-esteem. Person who practices are happier, better adjusted and less stressed.