Know Pros And Cons Of Using Microwaves

The use of microwaves to cook food is increasing with time. It has been able to revolutionize the process of cooking. In today’s fast life, many consider microwaves as a gift of modern science. However, like everything has two sides, this modern innovation has both pros and cons. Though, comparing to advantages, there are very less number of disadvantages, we will discuss both the sides of it.

First, let’s see, how the food is being cooked by a microwave. From electricity, one kind of energy is produced, which is later absorbed by the food particles, put inside the oven. The energy helps in creating vibration inside the food particle, which eventually let the food particles rub against each other. The friction creates heat and as a result of it, the food gets cooked.  So, the more you provide the energy, the sooner the food gets cooked.

The above method, used for cooking the food in a oven, helps the food to retain their taste and flavor intact.  As the microwave functions with the help of electricity, it is safe and cost effective.

The process of cooking with the help of microwave oven is eco-friendly. Apart from this, it keeps the environment of the kitchen and nearby surrounding clean and cool. They are user friendly as well, because you can start cooking immediately without preheating. It is faster also than the traditional oven.

Like I said, everything has two sides; the microwave has some drawbacks as well. In microwave oven, the food gets cooked very fast. It risks your food to be overcooked, which eventually can affect the nutrient value of your food.

For cooking in microwave, you need special kind of utensils. All metallic utensils cannot be used. Other restrictions are also needed to be taken care of.