Know How To Control Your Cravings


Cravings are common in human beings. Most of us have our own cravings in life in terms of food. When we see that particular food stuff, we cannot just stop ourselves from having it. Sometimes, it takes a lot of conscious effort to restrain ourselves from having that particular food for which we really crave.

Let me give you a list of food stuff with their calorie value so that next time when you crave for those particular stuff you remind yourself of the consequences of such calorie rich food. Yes, being a health conscious person, you cannot overlook the calorie value your cravings carry with them.

If you are the one, who craves for different kinds of burgers then let me tell you that they contain more than 1,060 calories. Do you know that this particular amount of calorie is almost half of the daily calorie a woman needs.

French fries is so popular and commonly consumed by people that it really surprises me and compel me to think whether people are really ignorant about their bad choice or they have surrendered before their cravings.

Yes, potato is a vegetable, which should be consumed within limitation and if you fry them for better taste then just imagine the impact of it on your health. Here, I should remind you that even the famous Atkins diet strictly says no to French fries and any other dish with fats would be rather a better choice than the French fries.

When it’s about drinks, we prefer shakes those are filling and tasty. Here remember that such tasty shakes with tempting chocolate or ice cream or creams usually contain 66 grams of sugar. The less frequently you go for such kind of drinks, it is better.

In the above, I just took the examples of few food stuff or drinks for which we really crave while neglecting their bad impact upon our health. You will find most of the processed, fast and packed foods are of similar characteristics for which people’s craving is on rise. Now, you have to make the conscious effort to restrain your cravings and live a healthy life.

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