Knee Pain- Symptoms

Knee joint is largest and most complicated joint in the human body. Our knee joint bears the weight of our body and enable us to stand, sit, walk, run, etc. We can straightens, bends, twists and rotates this joint and it is due to all these motions that this joint remains at the high risk of injury. Knee pain is common in about all sports and sometimes it can be the symptom of a number of injuries. Athletes will often say they’re experiencing inner near pain, posterior knee pain or pain behind the knee without knowing exactly what the injury is. Some of the common symptoms of having knee pain are mentioned below:

1. Snapping– It is quite common symptom of any of the problem related to knee pain. If the pops and snaps are painless then it is not a problematic matter but if it causes pain then it is a matter to think as there may be some problem.

2. Swelling– It is very common problem associated with knee pain or any problem with knee. If swelling occurs immediately after an injury it can be injury in anterior cruciate ligament or it can be fracture also. When swelling develops over hours to days, the injury may be a tear of the meniscus or ligament sprain. If swelling occurs and presence of injury is unknown then it may be injury in arthritis or even a joint infection.

3. Meniscus Injuries– It is a C-shaped cartilage that curves within your knee joint. It involves tear in cartilage. It can be occur in various stages and configurations.

4. Instability– Stability of skin is providing by the ligaments that connect the tibia to the thigh bone. Whenever the ligaments are either strained or cracked, the knee may feel as though as it is giving way beneath the patient. It is a common symptom of ligament injury.

5. Mashing– The sense of mashing or crunching is most often associated with bone grinding against bone once the cartilage is worn away. This is a very common symptom of arthritis. Young patients (who are below 50) have arthritis and that may have severe symptoms. This is because of an injury in past.

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