Kid-Friendly Appetizer Ideas

kid-friendly appetizers

kid-friendly appetizers When it comes to choosing food for kids, it really is a big deal. After all kids are hard to satisfy and to find food that suits their taste can be a big challenge for adults.

It is especially troublesome if you are inviting both kids and adults to a party. The adults menu can be easily finalized but, to have a separate food counter for the kids can be quite cumbersome. The best way to offer food to the kids is to set out some appetizers for them. Since these consist of little portions of food, wastage can be minimized and if the kids leave out some food, it can be easily distributed amongst the adults.

Hence, if you are looking out for some kid-friendly appetizer ideas, think of modifying certain foods. These would create the perfect opportunity to include foods that are not only delicious but are also enriched with nutritious ingredients. Moreover, if you are devoting some time in preparing special appetizers for the kids, they would feel special and would automatically gorge on the healthy snacking options. Here is how you can go about preparing kid-friendly appetizers.

Make Some Creative Appetizers For the Kids

The basic formula behind creative appetizers is to think differently. To put it simply, all you need to do is make the appetizers presentable and funny. Kids love funny shapes, fancy colours and everything that looks appealing to their eyes. So, make use of a cookie cutter and give beautiful star or flower shapes to the ordinary sandwiches.

Make sure to put in healthy fillings consisting of boiled eggs and vegetables inside the sandwiches. Similarly, you can also create miniature versions of burgers and pizzas. Avoid making bigger sizes and stick to sizes that are slightly bigger than what can be termed as bite size. Some innovative ideas that you can use include making pizzas from a bigger crust and then filling it with nutritious ingredients. Another great idea is to incorporate crackers. Top it up with a delicious cheese and vegetable mixture.

If you provide the kids with something funny, they’ll surely love it. You can create the funny shapes with foods like noodles, fruits and a little bit of food colouring. For example, you can make some funny spiders with the help of a crispy fried noodle and a few olives. Take an olive and stick some crispy noodles to its sides.

kid-friendly appetizers ideas

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It will automatically take the shape of a spider. In a similar fashion you can use celery sticks and fill it with peanut butter. Attach some raisins and nuts on the stick. It will give the appearance of ants walking along a stick. Another great idea of fascinating kids with foods is to build noodle nests. You can easily create these by deep frying noodles that have been shaped like a bird’s nest.

Include Finger Foods For Children

Finger foods are great kid-friendly appetizer ideas. Wherever you have kids, you’ll have them messing up with food. So, restrict your platter to finger foods as much as possible. You can arrange for some fruit kebabs where you need to put multi-coloured fruits on a skewer.

All you need to do is get some bananas, apples, papayas, kiwis, mangoes, watermelons or any other fruit of your choice and arrange them alternatively on skewers. Place these on the tables and see how it disappears in moments. To make it even more interesting, you can keep one or two cubes on toothpicks.

This will allow kids to just pick up one toothpick at a time and pop it into their mouths without wasting the entire fruit kebab. You can use the same trick with vegetables. Boil some vegetables and mix it with salt and pepper. Attach these to toothpicks and keep it in a plate. But, to make it even more interesting make some dips for the vegetables.

Modify Adult Foods For the Children

If you are inviting kids as well as adults to your party, the best idea is to introduce the same foods to kids as well as adults. But, you’ll have to make subtle changes to the food to suit the child’s palate. For example if you are preparing a spicy dip for the adults, avoid excessive use of chilli or hot sauce for the children and prepare a similar dip for the children as well.

The same rule can be applied for making a very famous appetizer recipe, buffalo chicken wings. These are generally served with a hot sauce after frying the chicken wings. So, when you are serving this to children, avoid the hot sauce. Let them have the fried chicken pieces without adding herbs or spices that will irritate their taste buds. Therefore, the basic idea here is to tame certain spices and this will let you prepare some amazing foods for kids without having to think of a separate menu for the kids.

Have Some Sweet Appetizers For the Kids

Kids generally love to have sweet foods and to satisfy their cravings you can always opt for some sweet appetizers. Although, chocolates are the favourite, you can add in a few chocolate flavoured cookies and biscuits as well. And to make it even more interesting, prepare a special chocolate dip for the kids. A simple way of making this kind of a dip would be to mix peanut butter with cream cheese.

Blend these ingredients very well and then add in two table spoons of milk, a pinch of cinnamon powder and about half a cup of chocolate syrup or chocolate sauce. Mix thoroughly and a delicious chocolate dip will be ready to serve. You can keep this along with the cookies or with fruits. Kids would love to dip the little pieces of fruit in this sweet, chocolaty dip and would be ready to gorge on fruits even without telling. Apart from these, you can also try out a few other sweet disheslike fruit custard, some sweet cereals and off course, a few bite sized chocolates.