Italian Salad For You

Life is all about journey and food is all about experiencing new recipes, so here is your new experiment with food. Are you tired of eating the same taste of salad that you make everyday? Do you want to try this Italian salad?  Give your tongue a different taste today and also give your family a surprise package of new Italian salad.

The first thing you should be doing is to assemble all the needed food items and make sure they are available in the market where you live. Sometimes it happens that you might not get the right food and it is all the more difficult when you are trying to make something different from your usual domestic cookery.

Making an Italian salad doesn’t take time, it just takes ten minutes. Take these items, one cup of tomatoes, take quartered and deseeded. Take sliced cucumber and take a cup of it.

Then take two cups of lettuce leaves, torn into pieces and put them together. Don’t forget to take half a cup of mushrooms and you got to quart and blanche them. Capsicum is also one of the ingredients and you can slice them into many pieces.

Mix the salad with one table spoon of crushed garlic, take fresh basil leaves and chopped them. One table spoon of olive oil and one table spoon of lemon juice take half table spoon of dried chilly flakes, salt and put pepper to taste.

The next step is that, you take all of them and mix in one single clean bowel. Mix them well. Now the last and final stage is to go for dressing before serving.  Caution you not to store for long hours, after you have dressed the salad because it will spoil the taste and at the same your vitamin C present will parish.

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