Is Normal Diet Sufficient for Being Healthy


healthy_food All along people did not consume extra minerals or vitamins as they were not available. They got enough nutrients from the usual food they consumed and that was sufficient for them.

In fact, they lived very well, living long without the grave illness, which is so widespread these days. But then their diet totally varied from the Standard American diet.

People consumed vegetables and fruits, which were produced nearby and collected when they were good and ripe. Since it was manure and not chemicals, the soil was rich in nutrients.

Neither synthetic pesticides nor anything, which was artificial, was used by the farmers those days. Because of which the vegetables and fruits were full of vitamins and minerals and other vital nutrients. In short they were wholesome.

Poultry and other animals were not caged; hence they consumed their natural food. As a result they were healthy and people who consumed those animals or chicken were healthy as they acquired good amount of nutrients.

These days what we eat is not produced locally; it’s purchased from another state or country. Fruits and vegetables are harvested much earlier than they are ripe so that they do not become rotten during transportation. Chemicals are injected so that they look good. All this drastically reduces the nutritional value.

Soil depletion is another issue. Vegetables and fruits will consist of essence they obtain from the soil. These days they take no proper care and hence the soil is malnutrition soil, and so the final product is unhealthy.

Standard American Diet consists of artificial foods. White bread is a processed food. Whole wheat bread has vital carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and the most nutritious part is the outer tough part.

That is called the bran, which is removed while making the white flour. So what is left is the white part, which is short of 30 nutrients. As a result the end product is of low nutrition value.

For a lot of people, processed food which has high calories but fewer nutrients is the staple diet. The solution is eating fresh and not junk food. Avoid processed food. Though you try to eat healthy food, necessary minerals and vitamins are not got as our needs are higher than those in the ancient times.

Today’s life is fast, with stress and tension. More pollution both noise and dust, electromagnetic stress like radiations from Wi Fi, mobile phones, and so on. We take more medicines these days and they are chemicals which generate toxins.

In essence today’s life demands more than what a normal diet can give.

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