Insulin and Obesity


Deficiency of Hormone insulin, which is required to metabolize carbs, causes health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, excessive weight, high cholesterol, hypertension and fluid retention. In case, the carbohydrate consumption is low and protein consumption is high, then the body is able to burn fat faster and not deposit it.

Insulin hormone produced by the body has many crucial functions. It facilitates our cells to take up glucose from the blood and uses it to release energy. This is very important to do everything from physical to mental tasks. Insulin is found to help the stored body fat. Due to this fat storing tendency, low carbohydrate plans have become unpopular.  Previously, it was thought that only carbohydrate in the diet stimulates insulin production.

But now, it is well known fact that all ingested foods stimulate insulin production. But this is also true that fat will always be stored if large amount of food is consumed, no matter it is protein or carbohydrate. If the body’s consumption of calories is less than usage then all those calories will be burned for releasing energy. If the body is getting more calories than it is using then insulin aids in depositing those extra calories as fat, being indifferent to the source of the calorie. In case the extra calories gained are from a carbohydrate food, then some calories are exhausted to store carbohydrate as fat. But if extra calories are from a fat source they can be immediately stored as fat. So, insulin is not the only donor of obesity.

So, the crux of this discussion is that the obesity is a really intricate and complicated issue. It has not influenced only with excess calories and lack of exercise, but also due to hereditary, psychological problems, societal issues, health problems and so many other reasons.

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