Indian Gooseberry And Health Benefits

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry, which is a household name in India, has been able to impress people across the world for its excellent health benefits. In India, this particular fruit is popularly known as Amla, which belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae. Due to the versatility of Indian gooseberry, it is also considered as a sacred tree in India. Let’s see, what benefits it can give to human beings and for their wellbeing.

Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, which helps the metabolic activities in various ways. It is also a source of Carotene, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium and Vitamin B. It has the capacity to increase the food absorption of your body. Apart from this, it has other multitude other benefits to talk about like it’s good for healthy hair, skin, lungs, urinary system, fertility and etc.

Rich In Vitamin C

If you are suffering from hair loss, then you can rely upon this wonderful fruit. It is more beneficial, when you eat it raw and fresh rather than through tonics or any processed medicines. To keep your eyesight in good condition, try to have gooseberry juice mixed with a little honey. It has the capacity to treat nearsightedness and cataract to an extent.

Prevent Hair Lose

For diabetic patient, gooseberry should be included in their diet must. The therapeutic value it contained in itself can do wonder in making the cells secret insulin. Apart from it, it can slow down the ageing process. Make sure to have one or two everyday and see the result in various ways you get.

Prevent  Diabeties

Before concluding, I would suggest you to store some for those days, when they are not available in the market. You can store them in the dried form and they will still give you the same benefits. Next time when you see some vendors with gooseberry passing through your lane, grab them and take the full advantage of them.



  • Maddy

    Its really good to know about Indian Gooseberry. Thanks a lot for the information.

  • nirmala

    Thank you for your information,it is really very very useful for many fruit to intake daily?and when to intake them? iam little diabetic and have Bp.also with tummy.Advise me what to consume and at what time ?with regards.