Improve Your Image With Arm Exercises


It is impossible to look your best if you have flabby arms. There are several arm exercises you can do to make sure that you’re never embarrassed by the way your arms jiggle and shake.

Commit Yourself

Before you get started on toning your arms, you need to understand that getting your arms in shape is going to take some time and quite a bit of dedication, this isn’t something where you can expect instant results after one exercise session; it could take weeks before you notice a change.

Whenever you are using weights for your arm exercises make sure you have a partner to spot you. To get the maximum effect from your arm exercises you need to keep your movements smooth and fluid, moving quickly will increase the chances of you injuring yourself.

The Skull Crusher

The skull crusher is one interestingly name arm exercise you might want to try out. To do this arm exercise properly you will have to lie on your back on a bench. Grasp your Barbell with an overhand grip. Extend your arm so that you are holding Barbell at an arms length directly above your chest. Now, while keeping your upper arm vertical, slowly lower the Barbell towards your forehead. Extend your arms. Do ten repetitions of the skull crusher. The skull crusher is also called the lying triceps extension.

Standing Barbell Curl

If you are interested in making your arms look larger, you might be interested in an arm exercise called the standing Barbell curl. To properly perform this arm exercise you should stand with your feet apart. Grasp your Barbell with an underhand grip, moving with a slow, fluid movements curl your arm until the Barbell is close towards your chest. Slowly uncurl your arms. Do ten repetitions of the Barbell curl.

The Cable Triceps Press down

The cable triceps press down machine is designed to help whip your arms into shape. Stand in front of the machine. Allow your knees to bend slightly, while you push downwards on the bar. Keep pushing the bar towards the front of your thighs. Keep your elbows tucked against your sides the entire time you are doing this arm exercise.