Importance of Estrogen Rich Diet


Restore inadequate Estrogen level through a well balanced diet. What is Estrogen?Estrogen is a hormone responsible for regulating menstrual cycle and sex drive of women and men. The presence of estrogen in a woman’s body differs greatly in number, compared to the amount of estrogen that exists in men. Hence, it is a huge contributing factor in defining gender characteristics.

The estrogen in women is greater in amount compared to men, thus their breasts grow and pelvis, buttock, thigh and hip areas are shapely. It is the reason why women have fewer hairs compared to men.

What can Low Estrogen Level Bring.

When the production of Estrogen starts to dwindle, which usually occurs at the later age in women when approaching menopause, sex drive will begin to decline and reproduction will become impossible.

Not only that, it could lead to serious physical and psychological reactions like irritability, fatigue and memory loss. Vaginal dryness and decrease in bone density are also triggered by low estrogen level.

How can we Supply Estrogen to our Body.

The supply of Estrogen to our body not only affects reproduction but also the health department. Estrogen is a great contributor towards increasing and decreasing good and bad cholesterol in our body, respectively.

Thus, it is imperative that we help supply our body with Estrogen. Yes, it is possible through the food we eat. There are two kinds of food groups that impact on the production of Estrogen in our body.

Stay away from citrus fruits, corn, white rice, flour and onions, just to name a few, because they have the ability to reduce Estrogen production. Instead, make it a habit to eat apples and carrots for example, to enhance production of Estrogen.

There are many informative books you can buy or websites that you can visit in order to help you with your goal. Make sure that you are aware of the food you need to keep at bay, so as not to defeat your purpose.

If you have serious illness or suffer from PMS, you must seek the advice of dietician and doctor as to how high or low Estrogen production can significantly ruin or positively affect your medication.

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