How Unhealthy Is Your Junk Food


Junk food is considered as bad and fattening food. How unhealthy is your junk food? You read every where that you should avoid junk food this and that bla.Bla. Fast food is filling and it saves time then why do we assume that the food is not good.

Let’s check the reality.  Most Americans survive with fast food. Is there any difference between the American and Indian standard that food made in India is not clean and use adulterated cooking oil or is it just the hypochondria of audience?

Morning when you walk out from home your mother yells at you not to eat fast food. Yet you come back home with stuffing burgers and pizzas in your belly pot but nothing happens. And your days go like this.

The truth is that the method of preparation is not too different but yes there is a bit of unhealthiness when consume too much junk food. However, it is not exactly how the consumers complain about the side affects of eating junk food.  Eating junk food is not as bad as it is credited by the people. One can eat and live healthily. It saves time for the person who doesn’t have time to go for grocery shopping and cook by themselves. Had it been very bad then how millions of Americans would still alive?

Main point is one can conveniently eat junk food in alternate days, there is no harm. Yes you must not make it your morning evening food but yes you can depend on it. The only problems which are related with eating junk food are becoming fat and obese. This can be controlled by eating less amount and with it take a walk to reduce the calories gained.

Eating fast food is not as bad as it sounds to be and the most important thing is that who stops going to McDonald and pizza hut even after so many controversial issues. Neither you and nor me!

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