How to Shed Pounds with One Simple Step


shedpound Most people think that losing weight is very difficult, but it can be very effortless. By cutting out 100 calories a day you can lose between 10 to 12 pounds in a year.

It is as simple as that. Four pieces of candy or two pieces of large bubble gum make 100 calories. A third of a candy bar or a half piece of pie also gives 100 calories.

Little changes

3,500 calories makes one pound. You can lose calories by simple making changes to your diet as the ones suggested above or by exercising. Whatever you chose, making a deficit of 500 calories daily will make you lose one pound a week. It is the little changes we make daily that brings about the big differences.

Why most fitness programs and diets fail

The reason why most fitness programs and diets fail is that they are too rigid. They require big changes right from the start and they have too many rules to follow.

The person ends up adding stress to his condition. The higher the stress, the more mental energy you have to put in to succeed. The aim of the program should be finishing it. But most often, most people go back to the old behavior making no permanent gains because the programs are too rigid.

It is time you leave behind the weight loss failure syndrome. What you need to know is that weight loss is a slow process. It involves very simple and easy changes to your eating habits.

Making permanent gains

If you want your weight loss efforts to be permanent, you have to keep them as transparent, painless and effortless as possible. Losing 100 calories a day is as easy as passing on 2 cookies.

A few more things you can do.

The first thing you drink in the morning should be water and not fruit juice which contains high amounts of sugar. Water is actually good for you in the morning because most people are dehydrated in the morning.

Eat sugar free yogurt instead of regular ones.

Change a bacon breakfast to low-fat turkey bacon.

Instead of a bakery bagel, choose a low-fat store-bought bagel instead.

Steam your veggies instead of sautéing them in oil or butter.

Eat boiled shrimps instead of steak or shish kebabs.

Just one of these suggestions will give you fantastic results in a few months.