How to make your Hair Shiny

Everyone has a desire to flaunt long, healthy and shiny hair as hair play an important role in deciding your final appearance. While most of us have a dream to possess beautiful hair, very few of us are aware that attaining shiny hair is an easy task which does not require spending endless hours and money in the parlor. By following certain daily hygienic and natural methods, one can attain hair which anyone would fall for.

We all know that a well balanced and a nutritious diet is required for the health of one’s body. But the fact is that along with body, our hair too requires essential nutrients which can be provided through healthy eating. Vitamin E is one such nutrient which gives an extra boost to our hair’s appearance and helps them shine with health. In addition to Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and iron are other nutrients which are essential for the overall health and shine of one’s hair. People who eat fish often have long and silky hair as fish is a great source of iron which helps in the healthy maintenance of one’s hair. In addition, Tuna is a great food option for healthy, shiny and luxurious hair.

In addition to a healthy diet, one should take care of the daily hygiene of one’s hair to help them remain clean and healthy. Avoid using too many artificial products and stylizing cosmetics on hair as they can lead to damaging and dulling of hair over a period of time. In addition, one should use heat-activated shampoo and deep condition one’s hair weekly to help them remain healthy and strong. One can also mash eight strawberries with one tablespoon mayonnaise and massage it into washed but damp hair to bring about a natural shine. By following certain simple, natural yet effective methods, one can fulfill one’s dream of flaunting long, healthy and shiny hair to the world.

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