How To Make Sugar Free Chocolate Milk

Sugar Free Chocolate Milk

Sugar Free Chocolate Milk

People are conscious about their sugar intake, which keeps them away from consuming even their favorite drinks, because of the presence of sugar in them. For instance, even though you like chocolate milk, which is your favorite drink, you think twice before consuming the drink that you love so much, because of the sugar that is packed into it.

The only way to enjoy your favorite drink is to remove the sugar in it, and prepare sugar-free chocolate milk, all by yourself. Here is the recipe:

Get pre-packaged sugar-free syrup of chocolate or powder-mix, from a grocery stall. There are many brands like Sorbee, Hershey, Swiss Mix, etc. These prepackaged mixes do contain synthetic food coloring as well as preservatives, which is a bane with all processed food items.

Sugar-Free Syrup Of Chocolate

You can’t avoid these preservatives in any of the processed food items, and thus be resigned to using them. But there is a better alternative. You can make your chocolate syrup at home with powdered sugar-free cocoa using a substitute for sugar. Now dissolve the sugar substitute and the powder in 1:1 proportion in boiling water. Allow it to cool, strain with a filter.

Dairy Products

The next step is to locate milk that does not have sugar. All dairy products have sugar, since lactose occurs naturally, which is found to the extent of 4.5% in milk that we use regularly.  If you study the label on the milk bottle you will find that a cup of milk contains as much as 12 g. of sugar. Sugar-free milk is one which is made from an enzyme called lactase, which breaks down the sugar content; such products are known as galactose or glucose, all of which are sugars. Therefore it is impossible to find dairy milk without sugar.

Sugar-Free Milk

As an alternative you can use sugar-free creamer used in coffee. Dissolve sugar-free creamer in water so that you will get a taste and texture that resembles milk. To prepare a cup of milk, you need two or three tablespoons of creamer. Another alternative worth trying is almond milk without sugar. Now you are ready with the sugar-free chocolate mix, as well as sugar-free milk; mix the two together in the ratio of 1:1 for your favorite drink.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Mix