Steps To Make Fudge With Protein Powder & Chocolate Recipe

fudge recipe

fudge recipe Chocolate Protein fudges are a delicacy to eat. These homemade crystallized fudges are better than most expensive protein bars available in the market. They are good to gain muscle and lose fat in the body.

These creamy, rich, cold cubes are a delight to the mouth, and better for health than most sweets available. They can also act as a healthier substitute to ice cream pops.

When craving for chocolates, these high protein cocoa fudge cubes will satisfy your taste buds better leaving you less guilty too. These easy to make chocolate protein fudge cubes will be loved by all children and adults alike.

Made with protein powder and chocolate, these cold cubes contain more than 60 percent proteins while only 20-25 percent fats in them, which makes these any day an improved version of other candies we consume.

To make them further lower in carb and fat content you can substitute sugar with a saccharine based sweetener, as an alternative, to lend a sweetened taste. It tastes so good you won’t be able to believe your taste buds; something that tastes so awesome can be beneficial to the health too.

This homemade recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth at a much affordable price. The ingredients required preparing the fudge with protein powder and chocolate or cocoa are generally readily available at home or in any nearby grocery store.

The recipe stated for cocoa protein fudge cubes will just melt in your mouth and you will be able to taste the perfect blend of delicious combinations of butter, chocolate, cream, sugar, nuts, and yummy peanut butter. So what is stopping you from rushing to your kitchen, and preparing these delicious pops! Enlisted below is a simple way to prepare the lip-smacking cubes!


¼ cup melted butter
2 tsp Peanut butter
Unsweetened chocolate bar or 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
Vanilla essence
4 tbsp Cream cheese
1 cup chocolate protein powder of your choice and taste
½ cup Sugar
Nuts (optional)


1. Melt butter in a pan, to it add cocoa powder, stirring well. Once it changes color, add a cup of chocolate protein powder that suits your taste buds. Add 4 tbsp heavy cream cheese to it, along with 1 tsp vanilla essence and ½ cup sugar to it.

2. Next add peanut butter to the fudge batter, be careful when mixing the peanut butter as it separates easily; so blend it well. It is always better to use natural peanut butter since it does not contain added sugars.

3. You can also add diced roasted walnuts or almonds for that extra richness to the taste, but it is optional. Mix all ingredients of the batter thoroughly.

4. Next transfer the prepared fudge batter to a flat bottom dish or a freezer safe tin. Spread the fudge in the greased dish and refrigerate it. Allow it to cool completely, once they harden cut them into 1” square bars.


If you use a protein powder which does not taste good to you, then the fudge you make will also taste bad.