How to Look Your Best on Hot Days


lookgoodhotdays It sometimes becomes tough to look your best when the weather is totally hot. There are a few things to take care of, if you want to look good and cool on a very hot day.

First, wear loose fitting clothes that allow the air to pass through them. Tight fitting clothes will not only show off your sweat patches and would look ugly but would also irritate your skin. Wearing a wide brimmed hat can help to keep off the sun rays from your delicate face and neck skin.

Second, use protection for your eyes. You can use good quality sunglasses with UV protection. Ultra violet rays can cause blindness. Therefore prevention is far better than cure. Sunglasses also make you look chic and make your eyes feel cool in hot sun. Also they can hide many unflattering points associated with your eyes.

Third, do not use heavy makeup. Use simple and light makeup because it would be very ugly to see your makeup bleeding down while you do not even know that it is happening to you. You can use a little bronze powder; use some waterproof mascara and just a sheer lip gloss to enhance your looks.

Fourth, make sure that you never move in the sun without a sunscreen on your face. Like your eyes, your skin also needs to be protected constantly from strong ultra violet rays. Buy a good sun screen with a high SPF and protect your skin from damage in the sun.

Fifth, take a lot of water. Heat strokes happen when the temperature rises. Sometimes the victim does not even know that he or she is suffering from the heat stroke.

Dehydration causes a feeling of being unwell. The best way to fight dehydration is to go on drinking water at short intervals even without feeling the need for it. Ideally eight to ten glasses a day should be your intake. But more is always merrier, even in case of water.

Your looks are not limited to drinking water and other tips given over here. You must feel good inside too. Therefore eat well. If you eat vegetables and fruits, you would feel fresh and would be taking in lots of minerals, nutrients and other anti oxidants that would make you feel beautiful and young again. You can make your own salads and enjoy the summers without feeling hot.

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