How To Look Pretty By Mostly Using Eye Shadow Pigments

eye shadow pigment

If you’d like to find yourself looking really pretty, you don’t need to use too many makeup products. With an eye shadow pigment, you can try giving yourself the perfect look by using it on your eyes, lips, cheeks, nails, etc.

How to look pretty using an eye shadow pigment

To begin with, apply the eye shadow pigment on your eyelids. You should apply a primer before putting the pigment. This will make the eye makeup long-lasting. Choose an eye brush with stiff and flat bristles for this purpose. Dip one side of the brush in the pigment to apply it onto your eyelids. You may wet the brush a little in order to give your eyelids a bolder look.

You can use your eye shadow as eyeliner. All you need to do is, choose a pigment color you’d like to apply and wet the brush a little. Dip the brush into the color you’ve chosen and apply it as the eyeliner. Next, you can apply the eye shadow as a lip gloss. You can mix various colors to produce one that looks spicy! You need to mix the new color with Vaseline and apply it on your lips using a lip brush. It’s a great way to try something new for your lip makeup.

Next, you can use the eye shadow on your cheeks; you’ll look really pretty if you choose the right pigment color such as pink or red. Just use your fingers to apply the right color on your cheeks. If you’d like your cheeks to glow, choose pigment colors like light yellow or pink.

Now, if you’d like to use the eye shadow on your nails and shoulders, you’d have to use a few more items like your original nail polish and your body lotion respectively. Just choose a pigment color and mix it with the nail polish to get a pigment that you can apply on your nails. Use your nail polish brush after cleaning it.

If you’re applying the eye shadow on your shoulders, choose a gold pigment and mix it with your body lotion to give your skin the perfect glow it deserves! So, if you’re thinking, “How to look pretty”, just use your eye shadow and few other items to give yourself the best look ever!

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