How To Identify Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

How To Identify Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

How To Identify Symptoms Of Hearing Loss Hearing is one of the most important senses that living beings possess. This is especially true for us human beings. Our daily activity and routine are centered on our ability to hear. As is common knowledge, our ears are the hearing organs.

They are made up of different components that all contribute to our ability to hear and then recognize sounds. The ears can hear by using two different methods; air conduction and bone conduction. When the sound waves travel into our ear and cause the eardrum to vibrate, it is called air conduction.

When the eardrum transmits the vibration to the bones in the inner ear, it is called bone conduction. Loss of hearing can occur due to a variety of reasons. These include excessive wax buildup, pooling of blood, entrance of foreign bodies in the ear canal, injury to the inner membranes and infections.

Certain types of head injuries can also cause hearing loss. Exposure to very loud noises on a regular basis can also be a reason for this problem. And the most common reason for a person losing their hearing is age. The ears lose their sharpness with advancing age.

There are many different symptoms of hearing loss that can help you and your doctor in identifying this problem. Here is a list of these common diagnostic signs and symptoms that can indicate gradual or sudden hearing loss.

Symptoms Of Hearing Loss


This symptom usually occurs when a person suffers from head trauma or any other ear related injury. This can be with or without bleeding. The ears and the temples usually pain along with the head.

symptoms of hearing loss

This can also happen when there is a foreign body that has entered the ears. People suffering from middle ear infections may also experience pain. Hearing loss is very sudden in case of trauma or injury.


This means that there may be a certain feeling of imbalance and disorientation. Vertigo due to hearing problems can range from mild to severe. Some people experience such exaggerated vertigo that they are unable to even get up from a lying position. Vertigo is usually accompanied with dizziness and extreme nausea.

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Ringing In The Ears

This is a symptom that is very often ignored by patients of hearing loss. He/she may feel that a bell is ringing far away in a constant high pitch. It sounds very faint yet persistent. This condition is called tinnitus in medical terms.

Discharge From The Ears

This usually happens either when there is an infection or the presence of a foreign body like an insect or pebble. The ears start getting septic and this can result in pus or a thick yellow or green discharge.

Discharge of any kind from the ears should not be ignored and reported immediately to a doctor. The discharge can hinder sense of hearing.


A severe otitis media or middle ear infection can cause elevated body temperature. This is a sign that the body is trying its best to fight the infection. In such a case, the doctor will probably have to prescribe antibiotic medication.

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