How to Get In Shape


One of the main reasons people never end up getting into shape is that the prospect is so daunting. When you stand in front of the mirror and look at all the places you would like to tone and strengthen you start to think that you’ll never look the way you would like. The next thing you know your exercise equipment is being used as a clothes hanger and you are halfway through a pint of ice cream. The thing you have to remember when you are thinking about getting in shape is that it takes time and you have to be patient.

Create an exercise program

The first thing you need to do when you get serious about getting into shape is to create a daily exercise routine, and to stick to it. Set aside a time of day that you use just to exercise. Find a friend who is just as interested in getting in shape and is willing to work out with you. Keep a journal of your yearly, monthly and daily exercising goals. Use the same journal to record your daily calorie intake, as well as how much weight you’ve managed to lose. When you are weighing yourself remember that muscles weigh more than fat.

Having a daily exercise routine will help you lose weight in two different ways; you will burn more calories and you will also help increase the speed of your metabolism. People who routinely exercise in the mornings report that they have more energy and are usually more productive for the rest of the day.

Go to bed

Make sure that you get plenty of sleep. Getting enough rest will increase your metabolism and help you eliminate stress. You will be surprised how much better you feel after you have gotten six to eight hours of sleep each night.

Watch what you eat

Eating a healthy, low fat, diet is an important part of getting in shape. Drink plenty of water. You should eat several small meals each day instead to two or three large meals. Make sure you eat several servings of fruits and vegetables. Instead of salad dressings you should use olive oil to flavor your salads. You should only eat candy and chocolate in small amounts and then only as a reward.