How to gain weight

gainweightUnderweight is the exact opposite of overweight.  Many people fail to see that being underweight can be a problem.  They feel that it could not possibly be as hard to gain a few pounds as it is to lose them. 

Most of us know how difficult it is to lose weight but there are many people out there who find it can be just as hard to gain weight.

Isn’t being underweight a good thing?  Why not?

Being underweight has its own negative consequences, especially for people who are stricken with a serious disease and really need to put on some pounds.

Because they feel so poorly, they don’t always feel like eating.  In addition, some of them have digestive problems that render them unable to hold down any food.

Which factors determine what “normal” weight is for individuals?

Normal weight is formulated in proportion to the height and age of an individual.  If the person is much lower than the standard weight calculated for their height and age, they are considered underweight.

What causes people to become underweight?

Contributing factors to being underweight include poor dietary habits, heredity, disease, digestion disorders, insufficient sleep, tension, malnutrition, smoking, and drinking alcohol.

Listed below are some helpful home remedies geared towards individuals who really need to gain some weight fast.

Home remedies

•    Eat bananas or drink banana milk shakes
•    Drink mango milk shakes once every other week (when mangoes are in season)
•    Eat 1 mango along with a glass of milk once every other week (when mangoes are in season)
•    Eat 1 bowlful of curd immediately after eating 3 bananas (milk can be substituted for the curd if necessary)
•    Eat papayas
•    Mix pomegranate seed powder, Indian ginseng root powder, and museli powder in warm milk – drink twice daily for 3 weeks
•    Eat muskmelon 3 times each day to gain weight – do this for at least 1 to 1-1/2 months (starting with 3 kil per day)
•    Each night, drink 1 cup of milk sweetened with honey before going to bed
•    Mix dates, almonds, and anjeer – chop – add complete mixture to 1 glass of milk and boil – drink after it cools


There are no food restrictions when trying to gain weight – be sure to include flour, rice, butter, dates, figs, wheat products, fruits, and vegetables.

Not getting enough nutrients is the primary cause for being underweight so be sure to eat a wide variety of foods and, if necessary, take vitamins and nutrient supplements

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    my name is height is 5:11 and my weight is 138.i wana gain my weight faster..i am eating well going jum everyday.but i don’t know why i am not gaining weight…plz tell me how to gain weight….

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    Iam 16yrs old and i been thin all my life i haet bein skinny i dont kno whats wrong wiyh me but i need to gain weight

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    i am 20yrs old and i need 2 gain weight..i av been skinny all my life and am not pleased with my size for my age..i am frm the caribbean