How to Firm Neck Area

In an attempt to attain perfect looks and figure, one undertakes a lot of exercises to firm and tone up one’s thighs, abs, legs and belly. But very seldom do we think about the neck region which is in fact a challenging area to treat. Moreover, taking proper care of neck area is necessary to attain a young and a smart look as muscles near the throat and neck region tend to show aging quicker than the face muscles. Thus, by following some neck specific exercises, one can help in the firming up of neck muscles thereby preventing their loss of elasticity and firmness.

The neck region requires some specific exercises to tone up and firm its muscles. One of these requires one to sit comfortably in a position and tilt the head backwards while looking straight up. Feel the stretch in the neck and while keeping one’s mouth closed, one should try to move the lower jaw in an up and down movement. This helps in firming and strengthening the neck muscles. Similarly, one should comfortable sit down with folded legs while keeping the spine straight. Then one should slowly tilt the head towards the backside and hold it there till 10 counts while feeling the stretch under the jaw line. Get your head back to the straight position and repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times to attain the desired effect. Just like backward tilting of the head, one can stretch the head to the right and left sides also so as to bring about a toning and stretching of the entire neck region. Another effective exercise involves spreading a mat on the floor and getting down on your hands and knees. Then one should slowly drop the head down while ensuring that one’s neck, spine and elbows are kept straight. Inhale slowly and while exhaling, lift up the head towards the ceiling and slowly curve your back downward. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes. By following these simple stretching exercises, one can effectively firm up the neck region which in turn would help in providing it with strength and flexibility along with protecting it from aging effects.