How to Determine your Weight


weightlossvitamin Anything that’s excessive can be harmful, including fat. Enough amount of body fat helps our body regenerate cells and hormones. With consideration of height, how much body fat do you think is enough and still remain healthy?

While a single answer is not applicable to many, determining the amount of healthy fat and calories can be easy if you are aware of the ideal weight for men and women.

It’s true that there are many charts, callipers and other body fat tests so people could determine their bodies’ exact fat levels. To do this test, understand first the difference between a man’s ideal weight against that of women:

•    Use 100 lbs per 5 feet height as standard measurement for women. That means, a five feet tall woman’s ideal weight is 100 lbs. The ideal weight for women is when you add 5 lbs for every inch and for those below 5 feet, you just have to subtract 5 lbs.

Your next consideration is your body frame. Do you have a smaller or a bigger frame? Use the tape measure and measure just your wrist. If your result is 6 inches, it means you have a medium frame and no adjustment is necessary for your standard measurement.

For a wrist size that’s below 6 inches, deduct 10% but if your wrist size is more than 6 inches, add 10% for you to determine your ideal weight.

•    Add 6 lbs for men per 5 feet of height. This means you will need to add 6 lbs per inch on every extra inch height you have. Now to measure your body frame, use the same wrist-measuring technique mentioned above.

Seven inches is the medium frame and that means no adjustment is needed for your ideal weight computation.

For a wrist that’s smaller than 7 inches in size, this means your frame is smaller and you need to subtract 10% from your ideal weight.

If your wrist size is 7 inches or bigger, it means that you have a bigger frame and this means additional 10% to your ideal weight measurement.

Understand that this measurement may vary in time especially for those who are deeply engaged in body building activities. Yet, you can be confident that the results usually are true and good for average people.