How To Deal With Stained Teeth

Stained Teeth

Stained Teeth

Yellow stained teeth can be very embarrassing for you especially when you want to laugh out loudly in front of the public.  It bothers you so much so that every time when you laugh, always have to cover with hand. Yellow stain in teeth can possibly create bad impression. So it should be cured or removed.

Yellow stained is a discoloration of tooth cover which is called enamel. You just need to take care when you eat and drink something. Lemon is good for cleaning or rinsing your mouth. It is better when mix with salt and rub it carefully on the affected area. Your munching of carrots and apples may be very effective. Rinse with water after every meal. Eating apple and carrot can act as cleaning process for your gum and teeth. So increase the consumption of them.

Eating Apple and Carrot

Brushing with a paste which is made of baking soda is effective enough to eradicate the stain from your teeth. Don’t just rely on brushing; you must do flossing to remove those small particles that hid inside the gape. The maximum reason of stained teeth is due to intake of so much tobacco, cigarette, drinking too much caffeine content coffee and taking too much tea. They are good source of yellow stained teeth.

Brushing with Baking Soda

While brushing, you must check that bristles are soft and smooth and from the known company. Don’t neglect to rinse with water even when you eat biscuits and any other eatables. The dirt collected from small –small collection will gather in the gape of tooth and start penetrating deep inside the gum and causes severe damage to teeth. Avoid taking or sipping too much tea and coffee. They encourage yellow stain to accumulate on your teeth. Take lemon and salt and remove stain immediately.

Lemon and Salt


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