How To Control Diet To Lose Weight

How to Control Diet to Lose weight

How to  Control Diet  to Lose weight First try to understand the reason behind excess  weight. Are there wrong eating habits behind his issue? Along with other alterations you have to bring in to shed excess weight like exercises, stress-control, life-style changes etc., very serious attention has to be paid to diet-control and that too consistently.

Eating healthy not only controls  excess weight, but also keeps you free  from diseases, lets you remain active and cheerful.Here are a few amazing  tips to enlighten you on what to eat, when to eat and how to eat:

Crash- diet plan?  No, not at all. When we suddenly get a jolt, like our doctor  telling us to lose weight, there is a temptation to see the results quickly. Plenty of advice comes our way that we should eat less. And we, in our eagerness, find ourselves very committed to address this.

But what we don’t know is that this way of losing weight maybe quick but in the long term, will be detrimental to the very cause that we wanted to address.These diet plans slow down the metabolism. Eating less keeps you irritated, if not hungry. The the result –  bang opposite to what you started with. You get discouraged, abandon the new diet-plan and get back to your old eating habits with a revenge.

The metabolism became  slower because of  your crash dieting –  you regain the weight you lost soon after you stop your diet-plan. And what more, you may find that it has increased from what it was before. And you swear that you starved for a month or two and that going on diet can never result in weight loss.

 How To Control Diet To Lose Weight

 Eat Frequently

Eating frequently helps us go on a diet happily, we remain energetic and satisfied.

Eat Frequently

This maintains  the efficiency of our metabolism. Which in turn helps us in maintain overall good health. Eat smaller portions of health-promoting foods, eat at least 5 times a day.

 Eat Slowly

Eating slowly has more number of benefits than you have ever thought. It helps us connect with our body and digestive system. Eating slowly gives  time to listen to health and diet messages that our body sends. This helps us to put a  stop before we eat more than what we had decided to eat. Eating slowly means enjoying to the fullest whatever little. It is called mindful eating.

Eat Vegetables, Fruits And Whole Grains

A healthy diet-control to lose weight plan must include  fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, salads and whole grains. If one is eating these, there is less need to stay hungry.

Eat Vegetables, Fruits And Whole Grains

These give you fewer calories and yet fill up your stomach. Hence, you shed weight. And what more, this is what a healthy body needs. To maintain good health one needs to eat balanced diet. And moreover, you will continue to adhere to this diet.

 Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Did you ever think why eating a carrot or a guava fills up our stomach so fast and also that you don’t feel hungry for a long time? The answer is very simple. They are laden with fiber. The fiber fills us up soon and takes longer to digest. Fiber aids our digestion and plays a very important role especially in digestion of fat. So, eating fiber-rich diet is an important pillar in out citadel of diet-plan to lose weight.

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Sugar Intake

Cut it down drastically. This is a major culprit in our weight gain and leads to many other health problems. If  you lead a sedentary life, think before you add even 1tsp in your tea/coffee.  Yes, indulge you must, but once in a while. There are fruits and many other healthy desserts that you can eat. But remember that you have to eat sweets in a very little quantity.

Sugar Intake

Apart from desserts, there are those fizzy drinks that keep inviting us, now and then. Please remember that they are filled with calories and have no nutrients at all. Have fresh fruit juices instead.

When we talk about sugar we forget about some other foods that contain hidden sugars. Hidden, because they are not sweet. We associate sugars with only the desserts, puddings, soft-drinks, chocolates and ice-creams and cakes. The refined flour bread, salad dressing, processed foods, tinned foods and carb-rich items, all have sugars.


Everyone knows about this, that deep-fried items, butters, ice-creams and most meats have abundance of fats. So what do we do? Should we shoo these items out of our meals altogether? Not required. There are ways to prepare baked or shallow fried foods with very little oil. Chicken and fish  contain lean  fat, so it is ok to eat the, but moderately.

 Be Aware

Awareness is the key to well-being, so  think holistically. Research and eat, keeping in mind your weight, your overall health, and your taste buds as well. Success will be on your way.

M Nandini