How To Clean Ear Wax Safely


We really never bother about the consequence while putting some stick or hair pins or safety pins inside the ear to clean cerumen or the ear wax, which usually gets accumulated in the ear canal. The accumulation we find in the outer ear can be found lying till the ear drum as well. The secretion of cerumen is a natural process, which becomes solid or semi liquid after coming into contact with dust particles from outside.

Though hearing health and hygiene is quite necessary for a healthy life but, one should not consider the ear wax as bothering. Actually, the ear wax has its vital functionality of keeping the ear canal moist and protects the canal from outside particles.

Even though ear wax is good for health, but the overproduction of it can lead to a blockage in the ear. Excess of ear wax production can also cause itchiness and hearing loss. In such a situation, you should think about ear wax removal.

There are several ways to clean the ear wax. Many opt to use hydrogen peroxide to clean it off. However, here I would tell you about the natural way to clean the ear wax.
First of all, I would suggest you to use a sea water ear spray. You can use it daily, in case your ear canal needs daily cleaning.

There is another method, which can be termed as the safest one. Under this method, you need to use paraffin oil, which has the capacity to dissolve the ear wax smoothly. Always try to get paraffin from a chemist store.

Now you must be wondering how to use the paraffin oil. You need to warm about 2 to 3 tablespoons of the oil. The temperature of the oil should not exceed the body temperature or just a bit above. Now, with the help of a dropper, one should put few drops inside the ear where as, the person who wants to de wax the ear should lie on his side.

After keeping the oil inside for five minutes, you can empty it into a sink. Again after two days of putting the oil, now you can warm some water very slightly and flush the ear off.

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  • Trudy

    due to an insect that got in my ear, I used all types of ear washes to rid the ear of this , ( all safe ones ) now my ears don’t make wax ,and I want them to, what foods ( if any ) or methods would promote the making of good old natural ear-wax ?

  • cs

    I clean ear ear with hair pin or similar thing,
    sometimes it smells foul is it indication of infection,

    please guide