How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight

Calorie Journal

The first step of any weight loss plan is to find your BMI and also your ideal weight. Once you get this, you will understand what your excess weight is and how much you have to reduce. This will be your primary goal. Once you have achieved the ideal weight, just find out the optimum daily calorie intake based on your physical activities.

The ratio of calorie intake and exercise is based on your weight. It is just simple arithmetic and hence you can either do it yourself or get the help of any expert in this regard.

Calorie Journal

A calorie journal will be highly helpful during the weight reduction program. Note down even the tiniest bit of food that enters your mouth and note down the calories at the end of the day. You will be really surprised to note that your calorie intake is on the higher side and not less. This removes your self pity and the feeling of high sacrifice.

Exercise Journal

Another journal should track all the physical activities you do during a day. This will tell you the number of calories burnt per day. Based on this, you can find out the ideal food intake required and the amount of physical exercise you need. Keep a note of weight at least once a week.

Weight loss is possible only if the physical activity is more than the calorie intake, but it does not mean that you have to work the whole day. You can either indulge yourself in simple exercises or take low calorie healthy foods. When you keep all these things in writing, you can really see the progress and the effort you are making, and it also encourages sacrifice of junk foods for a good reason.

Miscellaneous Help

If you find the weight to be the same even after you have made serious efforts, you should seek the advice of an expert. Your calorie and exercise journals will give him an idea about how to proceed further with your weight management. The expert will help you by giving prescription of weight loss pills and if he finds it very serious, might even suggest a surgery.