Hoodia and weight loss


Change in life style and eating habits, result in many people getting health problems because of obesity.  Many people choose the weight loss programs and supplements to reduce the body weight.  Although there are many products available in the market to achieve weight loss, experts suggest natural way of weight reduction.  Along with regular physical workout, natural supplements are suggested to be consumed to reduce weight.

Hoodia is one such herb which is proved to reduce appetite on regular consumption.  Hoodia is a cactus like herb that is commonly seen in African countries.  Reduction in appetite can help in the reduction of calorie intake.  Balance in calorie intake and calorie burn is the best way of achieving the goal in weight loss program.

Recent research on Hoodia discovered the fact that the appetite is controlled and maintained when the herb is consumed in moderate quantity everyday.  When the appetite control should be handled safely, hoodia based supplements are recommended by the experts to be taken in moderate quantity.  The suppression in the appetite should be balanced by the intake of healthy diet like fruits, vegetables etc…

Supplements like hoodia can help in keeping the appetite on control.  But the supplement should be considered as a support for weight loss program and not the only way of reducing the weight.  Balanced diet and regular workout are the major factors to be followed religiously to achieve success in weight loss program.

Hoodia based supplements can be the best option to give a try to reduce body weight.  With proper recommendation from the fitness experts, you can experiment by using the supplement to check the result in the weight loss.  Being a natural product, there are no side effects that can be predicted from hoodia product consumption.  The product should be purchased from trusted manufacturer and with the recommendation from the expert.


  • While I do believe that supplements do sometimes have a place in a weight loss program, I think that the focus should be more on natural weight loss – a combination of healthy eating and exercise. If that fails to work by itself, then supplements such as Hoodia for appetite control can be added, but you should discuss these plans with your health practitioner first – especially if there are other health issues.