Home Workout Tips: Easy Abdominal Exercises

abdominal exercises

Benefits of abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercises like all the other exercises are good for our overall body. Men who carry out these exercises on a regular basis often develop “six packs”, while the women on the other hand manage to reduce the sizes of their stomachs while firming them up at the same time. These exercises are also known to tone up the muscles, especially around the middle section of a person including the waistline.

Different types of abdominal exercises

There are many different and easy-to-do exercises one can perform even in the comfort of your own homes in order to achieve the above mentioned result. Some of these exercises include leg lifts. All you need is a firm surface, then lie down flat on your back. Begin by lifting your left leg completely high up in the air and holding it in that position for up to three counts, then lower it back down.

Follow the same procedure with your right leg. Once you are through with the right leg, you then proceed to lift both legs together up to the middle section of your body and maintain that position up to three counts, then lower them back down. You can repeat these steps in sets of ten. Resistance is the key to effective results; one can attach padded weights to the ankles.

Another exercise one can perform which is good for abdominal muscles is sit ups. This exercise is preferred by so many due to the fact that it is easy and also very effective. You may need a partner for this, but if one is not available to hold your feet down, slide your feet under a couch, clasp your hands together and place then under your head while you lie down flat with your back on a flat surface with your knees bent.

Lift your upper body to your knees and hold that position for three counts then lower yourself down. Repeat this procedure about twenty five times. For effective results use the abdominal muscles to pull your upper body up.

Finally one important note while performing any exercise is to always remember to breathe in and out deeply. During this period your heart and muscles need additional oxygen to perform properly.